Volunteer Roles

Volunteering for PWN Global is a great way for you to learn how to practice what Forbes magazine calls, “permission leadership” or leadership without authority. Leading a non-profit organisation is one of the best experiences you can have. You will learn and grow and most importantly, leave a legacy.  

If you need more convincing, take a look at some of the inspiring stories (Link to Inspiring stories page) of our PWN Global members and volunteers. See how PWN Global has helped each of them both personally and professionally to overcome old, and face new, challenges- that's the power of volunteering.

If you can’t find a volunteer role in the list below, but you want to offer your support, please sign our Member Pledge (link to member pledge?)

To volunteers past, present and future - WE SALUTE YOU! Thank you for your hard work, throughout the years.

  • SEO Expert


    We are currently searching for an energetic, knledgable volunteer that can help us with the SEO for our global website.  Once the PWN Global website is optimised, we would like to build a 'how to' guide to support our local city networks with their SEO too. This is a great opportunity to support a worthy cause whilst working with an excellent team of senior professionals. Build your network whilst building your skills! Interested? Please be in touch with Rebecca Fountain, Head of Marketing and Communications, PWN Global. 

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  • Refuerzo en Partners


    PWN Bilbao busca un voluntario para trabajar junto a la persona responsable de Partners.

    Interesados, contactar con nuestra presidenta: Rosa Urtubi.

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  • PWN Stockholm - Various Roles


    As you know PWN is a volunteering organization and we currently have several tasks and projects we’d like your help with. It’s only through our members’ engagement we can sustain the network. We’d be thrilled if you would like to engage in the following 



    Estimated Commitment



    Participate as mentor in our mentoring program

    Approx. 15 hours over a 6 month period

    +15 years professional experience and a passion to share his/her experiences to help a mentee develop.

    Social Media

    Keep our social media channels updated & relevant by sharing news, articles, comments etc

    Approx. 15 minutes/week

    Experienced Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin User and most importantly someone with their own ideas of how to evolve andoptimize PWN Stockholm’s online presence.

    Network Intelligence

    We want to work smarter by getting a better understanding of other women’s networks in Stockholm and we need help in identifying other networks.

    Approx. 3 hours and some time to present findings to the board.

    Organized and be able to pull out the most important pieces of information.


    Please reach out to the President of PWN Stockholm if you are interested!

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  • Social Media Analytics Expert


    PWN Global is seeking a social media analytics volunteer to work alongside the Head of Global Marketing and Communications.

    This much needed virtual role gives you the opportunity to contribute from afar, supporting PWN Global to build its social media strategy based on data driven decisions. Interested?

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