PWN Stockholm - President


PWN Stockholm is an international network working towards gender balanced leadership by providing personal and professional development through networking events, workshops, inspirational speakers, mentorship & coaching, online webinars and material.

Our overall goal is to promote PWN Stockholm’s mission, increase the number of members and strengthen PWN’s position. 

The President:

  • Provides overall leadership in the development and implementation of policies to achieve growth and sustainability of the Network as a whole
  • The President leads the Board Meetings, encouraging a full and fair discussion of issues while maintaining control of the process
  • The President does not act in isolation. She consults regularly with fellow Board Members, especially in advance of taking any action, as the ability to plan and unite is critical
  • Leads and coordinates the strategic vision and develops clear goals. 
  • Delegates the appropriate responsibility, accountability and decision-making authority
  • Ensures that roles, responsibilities and reporting lines are clear to staff members
  • Accurately judges the amount of time and resources needed to accomplish a task and matches task to skills
  • Oversees the preparations of the Annual General Meeting

Key skills required:

  • Organisational & management skills
  • Business and brand strategy experience
  • Team management & interpersonal skills
  • Great communication skills, especially in a remote team set-up 

Time required: Minimum of 20 hours / month

For more information on this role and other ways of getting involved contact the current President of PWN Stockholm (

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