PWN Stockholm: Become empowered through nutrition!

22 September 2020 18:00 - 19:00 Online Event

How do we become more empowered and engaged employees/leaders in the workforce through nutrition? 

Who wouldn’t want to feel good in their body, energized, focused while at the same time maximizing productivity and results? The best leaders understand the importance of good health including nutrition, exercise and recovery in order to meet the demands of today's work load. If you want to excel in anything, your health is the first place to start!

In this seminar, Gayane will describe in simple terms how we can learn from elite sports, which will not only affect us positively physically and mentally but also how we perform and excel in the workforce. You will learn:

  1. Easy steps to get started with healthy eating
  2. The concept and combination of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle
  3. What we can learn from elite sports and apply in the work force
  4. The benefits of investing in your health and the mindset that comes along with it

Everyone should attend this seminar - because everyone eats! Your friends too, so bring them along.

About Gayane

Gayane Sarkisian is a registered dietitian nutritionist (näringsfysiolog och leg. dietist) and personal trainer who has been in the health field for 11+ years. She comes from an elite sports background in tennis and has studied clinical nutrition for 7 years full-time. She has earned both her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics and Master of Science in Nutrition. She has helped thousands of people, including private clients and corporations to improve their health and make sure they are at their peak where they can perform at their absolute best!

Read more about Gayane's approach and connect with her:



 About This Session

This session is a part of the learning track: Personal and Professional Development. The workshop format provides practical and hands-on experience to help members learn new tools. 

PWN Learning Tracks 2020

  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Career Planning
  • Engaging Men

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