What is PWN Stockholm's mentorship program?

A program offered by PWN Stockholm since 2015

Clear goals:

  • To promote values and best practices among members with diverse professional background
  • To leverage talents and opportunities throughout the network

Broad network:

  • Find the perfect mentor regarding your needs and goals to achieve, locally or among one of the international mentors of PWN Global Network

Mentoring for development

The mentorship program is designed to facilitate the mentee's development, through careful matching between mentee's needs and mentor's skills. It provides trustful meetings in a helpful structure.

  • Develop management or leadership skills
  • Role modeling
  • Support, sounding board, feedback
  • Learning from someone "wise"
  • Particular expertis

Golden rules of our mentorship program

The mentoring relationship is a learning process for both the mentor and mentee, as it is based on a mutual exchange of sharing experiences, knowledge, insights and thoughts.






How to get involved in PWN Stockholm's mentorship program

  1.  Identify whether you would like to get involved as a mentor or as a mentee, or both.
  2. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will have a mentor/mentee form to fill out.
    For mentors: the form describes your skills, position, know-how, experience, etc
    For mentees: the form describes your requirements, needs, wishes and motives
  3. Match making process 
    You will be contacted when there is a potential match.
  4. First meeting, where you decide whether it is a correct match. 
    The meeting will involve expectation and goal setting, dates etc
  5. Ending and evaluation
    The program typically runs for 12 months and in the end you will be contacted to evaluate the outcome.

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