Mentoring refers to the activities conducted by a person (the mentor) for another person (the mentee) in order to help that other person to do a job more effectively and/or progress in his or her career. Mentoring is adjacent to other developmental practices, such as training and coaching. While training and coaching focus on conveying an expertise or helping unlocking inherent knowledge, respectively, mentoring focuses on personal development of the mentee in various areas.

PWN Stockholm’s mentorship program has been offered since 2015. The aim of the program is to promote values and best practices among members with diverse professional backgrounds and to leverage talents and opportunities throughout the network. Through its network, PWN has the possibility to find the perfect mentor in its local network or among one of the international mentors of PWN Global Network.

Unlike many other mentorship programs, PWN Stockholm offers its program throughout the year with no fixed start or end date, giving the possibility for both mentors and mentees to apply at any given point of time.

From 2019, PWN Stockholm is proud to also offer mentorship by non-female mentors in addition to our regular female to female mentorship. This offering is a part of one of our learning tracks, engaging men, which has been one of the main goals of PWN Stockholm to promote and support efforts to achieve a gender-balanced leadership.



From an individual perspective, mentoring facilitates learning and mutual supporting relationships between the mentor and the mentee. Aside from the individual gains, organisations also obtain benefits from providing and encouraging mentorships

Benefit for mentees

As a mentee, the person who is being mentored, mentoring provides a huge benefit, both professionally and personally, by obtaining a fresh perspective on among others, their career status, aspirations and goals from their mentor. A mentee is provided with professional potential development support, as well as access to professional networks which offer further opportunities. Furthermore, participating in a mentoring program also provides the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge.

Benefit for mentors

Many mentors have commented that their contribution as a mentor also provided themselves with a positive new way of looking at their own career path, as well as an incentive to reflect on where they themselves were going and how that aligned with their own aspirations and goals.

Mentoring also provides an opportunity to improve the mentor's communication and personal skills as well as developing leadership and management qualities. Mentoring also helps mentors to acquire professional recognition.

Benefit for organisation

For organisations, providing access to mentorship programs is a way to keep employees engaged as well as ensuring a pipeline of future leaders by allowing critical and often undocumented, knowledge to be transferred.



As of right now, PWN Stockholm offers two different types of mentorships:

a) One on One Mentorship program

Our traditional One to One Mentorship program starts off with a match-making process after we’ve received mentor/mentee profile forms. The potential mentee/mentor will be contacted when there is a potential match. As our program has, unlike many others, a flexible start date, a potential match can be created at any given point of time. 

When a match is made, a first meeting is set to decide whether the match has been correctly made. This meeting involves expectation and goal setting, setting up dates for future meetings, etc.

The program typically runs for 12 months - although this can differ depending on the mentee/mentor couple. However, as a mentoring relationship is built on trustful meetings, the program is set to be run for a minimum 6 months period.

b) Mentor the Mentors Program

This program targets mentors who are aiming to improve their mentoring skills. The program is built around structured meetings hosted four times a year by PWN Stockholm Mentorship Team. The purpose of the program is to learn from each other and share best practices, where a theme based on, e.g mentor field, experiences and skills, is chosen as a focal point for each meeting.

The Mentor the Mentors program is presently offered only to PWN Stockholm’s current and previous mentors.



1) Identify whether you would like to get involved as a mentor or as a mentee, or both.

2) Fill the form(s) that applies to you

If you are a potential mentee, please fill the Mentee profile form

If you are a potential mentor, please fill the Mentor profile form

If you are interested in being both, please fill both forms

NOTE: As mentees, PWN Stockholm Mentorship Program is offered only for members. To participate in the program, renew your membership or join now!

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