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The PWN Global membership base is home to some incredible thought leaders who are experts in their fields - that includes YOU! Our philosophy of sharing and supporting one another to develop professionally means that we love it when our members share their knowledge via short learning videos, editorial pieces or even research results - it is also a really effective way to leverage visibility for you and your business.

If you have content to share, we'd love to hear from you!

  • PWN Global Webinar: Learn how to let questions do the work for you

    In almost every profession asking questions is considered an important skill. In our upbringing and education, we are trained to ask questions that aim for information about facts, data and examples. But knowing the facts is not enough anymore. We also need to understand how the facts and examples are secretly connected.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how to use questions in a whole new way: questions as a tool to create effortless movement. 

    Siets Bakker will teach what these questions are, how to ask them and how to use the answers. Of course you’ll get the best questions you can ask in any situation and let them to the work for you.

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  • PWN Global Webinar: Building Your Personal Brand in a Digital World

    All of us are striving to be seen: entrepreneurs aim to get more clients, professionals hope to broaden their network to find their next career move or to uplevel their skills. 

    On a saturated social media landscape this is not easy: everyone seems to be writing articles, sharing their opinions and experience on social platforms and competing about the same space. 

    To get your message across, it's important to crystallise your personal message, define your audience (everyone has one, it's not only a privilege of entrepreneurs) and determine the channels they hang out on. This makes it easier to connect with the right people.Then, the next question rises: what content to create and how often?  

    In the webinar Pauliina Rasi will go through all this in an actionable way: what to say, to whom, where, how and when. I also share actionable content creation tips that make the process quicker and more enjoyable. 

    At the end, participants have a clear roadmap and know how to enhance their personal brand through quality content and communication. 


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  • PWN Global IWD Webinar: Antisexist? Managing Limiting Beliefs about Women

    Are you either a feminist or a sexist? And does being a feminist mean you are truly an antisexist? In this International Women's Day 2020 Special Webinar, Dr Lynn Schmidt will address these questions along with the limiting beliefs we can have about women that block their success.

    During this session you will:

    • Take an assessment to further explore limiting beliefs about women.
    • Select a limiting belief that is having the most impact on your career.
    • Determine one action you will take to help yourself or others overcome a limiting belief.
  • PWN Global Webinar: Learning to Lead

    Leadership can feel daunting, whether you’re thinking of applying for a more senior role, or you’re already in one and finding it more of a challenge that you thought. 

    Conventional wisdom has it that we think and reflect our way into being a leader, but in this session, Susan Ritchie shares a different approach; to be a leader, we need to lead first. Just as you’d learn to drive by driving, you’d learn to crochet by crocheting and you’d learn to paint by painting, you can learn to lead by leading, whether you have the title or not. 

    We build confidence by doing what challenges us; learning to lead is no different. Every new role requires new behaviours from us – a failure to learn these means our progress will stall. In this session Susan shares a structured approach for developing yourself as a leader; you’ll become more comfortable, more quickly, which is the basis for showing up confidently. 

    After attending this session, you will be able to:

    * Follow a six-step framework for learning new leadership behaviours

    * Become more confident and comfortable in your role, more quickly

    * Cultivate a playful, experimental approach to developing your leadership identity

    * Respectfully disrupt the status quo for maximum impact 


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  • PWN Webinar: You are more than you think you are

    In the 1970s I attended a speech by Dr.Viktor Frankl, the psychiatrist and author of Man’s Search for Meaning.

    Frankl drew a line on the blackboard that he labelled “failure” on one end and “success” on the other. He said that much of our lives we spent working hard to be successful.

    Success is primarily defined by external measures – how much money you make, your rank in the company, and the respect accorded you by your peers. 

    Frankl believed that there is a wholly separate dimension commonly left out of our thinking and planning. He drew a vertical line across the horizontal line and called it the fulfilment-depression line.

    Fulfilment is the deeply felt sense that your life is full, whole. Fulfilment, unlike success, is largely defined by internal measures, by how we feel about what we are doing or have done.

    You cannot find fulfilment by chasing success, by working harder, by running faster. We largely know what is required of us to be successful – hard work, perseverance, talent, and a little luck. We are less sure – as individuals and as a culture – of what is asked of us to be fulfilled. What can we do? 

    Watch this session to receive thought provoking practical ideas - in the most entertaining way you probably have experienced in a business environment for a long time.

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